July 10, 2023

When Should Realtors Order Premium Photos add on with Boxwood Photos? The 5 Types of Homes That Need Dynamic photography!

In today's competitive real estate market Premium Photos are an essential add on to the high end listings than deserve some extra care and focus. With the rise of online listings, high-quality photography has become an indispensable tool for realtors to be able to grab potential buyers' attention and make a lasting impression. Boxwood Photos offers an additional Premium add on service priced at $150, providing realtors with access to a top-notch photographer, lens changes, five premium photos, and extended shooting time. In this article, we will explore when realtors should consider ordering this value-added package and how it can enhance their marketing efforts.

Luxury Properties

When dealing with luxury properties, first impressions are crucial. The Premium service from Boxwood Photos ensures that every aspect of the property is showcased in the best possible way. A top photographer with expertise in capturing high-end homes can emphasize the unique features, intricate details, and luxurious amenities, making the property stand out among the competition. The lens changes and additional time during the shoot allow for more creative shots, highlighting the property's elegance and exclusivity. Add some staging to this listing, and you will surely stand out from the crowd!

Premium Photos

Architectural Marvels

Some properties possess architectural brilliance that deserves special attention. Whether it's a historic landmark, a modern masterpiece, or a unique design concept, these properties demand exceptional photography to capture their essence. Boxwood Photos' Premium service, with its experienced photographers and lens changes, can help realtors bring out the architectural beauty, intricate details, and distinctive elements of these extraordinary properties, making them more enticing to potential buyers.

Challenging Lighting Conditions

Properties with challenging lighting conditions, such as homes with large windows or complex lighting setups, require a skilled photographer who can expertly navigate such situations. The Premium service from Boxwood Photos ensures that realtors have access to photographers who can handle various lighting scenarios and use lens changes to optimize each shot. By delivering well-balanced and professionally lit photographs, realtors can accurately represent the property's ambiance and attractiveness, even under challenging lighting conditions. We want to be able to provide you with the most true to life photos as possible!

50 print 2808 Logan Dr 50 | Boxwood Photos

High-Value Listings

When dealing with high-value listings, realtors need to provide exceptional marketing materials that reflect the property's worth. The Premium service offers five premium photos that are carefully selected and expertly edited to showcase the property's key selling points. These high-quality images can be utilized in online listings, brochures, and other marketing materials, attracting potential buyers and conveying the property's value, ultimately leading to quicker sales and higher offers.

Competitive Market

In a competitive real estate market, it's crucial to differentiate your listings from others. By opting for the Premium service from Boxwood Photos, realtors gain an edge by presenting their properties in a visually stunning and professional manner. The top photographer's expertise, along with lens changes and extended shooting time, ensures that realtors have a wide array of captivating images that can grab attention, generate interest, and entice potential buyers, ultimately leading to increased inquiries and showings.

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In the age of online listings and digital marketing, exceptional photography has become a necessity for realtors. Boxwood Photos' Premium service is designed to meet the needs of realtors dealing with luxury properties, architectural marvels, challenging lighting conditions, high-value listings, and competitive markets. By investing in this premium package, realtors can benefit from the expertise of top photographers, lens changes for creative shots, five premium photos for marketing materials, and extra time during the shoot. In turn, they can elevate their real estate marketing efforts, attract more potential buyers, and ultimately secure quicker sales and higher offers.