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Straightforward Photos at a Discounted Rate

We will shoot your property with a wide-angle lens and flash and send you non-edited or minimally-edited photos.

Non-Edited $100

(10-40 Photos, as appropriate)

Minimally  Edited $139

(Up to 25 photos)
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Elevated Photos at a Discounted Rate

Highly Affordable
High-End Gear
Applied Composition Practices
Attention to Detail
Visual Variety
Non-Edited Residential Property Management Photos | Boxwood Photos
Boxwood Photos delivers highly affordable Property Management Photos by streamlining our process without sacrificing quality. Our service provides you with a choice of Non-edited or Minimally-edited photos, offering essential visual content at a fraction of the cost.

The Non-edited option is a budget-friendly choice for those who need straightforward, clean shots, while the Minimally-edited alternative provides enhanced images that still respect your bottom line.

Both tiers are designed to be cost-effective, making professional property photography accessible and swift, whether it's for a quick refresh of your listing or routine documentation of your real estate portfolio.
Our Property Management Photos service offers speed and affordability without compromising on quality. We utilize the same premium cameras as our standard service but opt for handheld shooting to reduce time and costs. Quick, efficient, and practical, we deliver professional-quality, fast, and budget-friendly photos, ensuring your property looks its best in every frame.
Finding the right angle is critical to showcasing your property's best features. Our photographers have a keen eye for composition, ensuring every image they capture makes your home look inviting and striking.

They're adept at selecting angles that accentuate the space and avoid distortion, giving potential buyers a true sense of your property's allure. Our intentional shots are crafted to create a visual narrative that speaks to the viewer, making your listing stand out in the competitive real estate market.
We get straight to the point in real estate photography — every shot matters. We focus on creating clean, attractive images, cutting out distractions, and fine-tuning the lighting to make your property look its best. Whether tweaking the curtains to get the light just right or adding touches like a crackling fireplace or a lively TV scene, we pay attention to the details that make your listing inviting.
Boxwood Photos knows that a range of shots gives potential buyers a natural feel for your property. We mix it with different angles and setups to ensure each photo offers a fresh perspective. Our goal is to showcase the individuality of each room and the overall vibe of your place, giving clients a complete picture of what makes your home unique.
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Why Boxwood Photos?

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Best Quality

Our quality is unmatched in Northern Colorado. Seriously, ask our customers.

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No Travel Fees*

*If your property is between Cheyenne, WY, to Castle Rock, CO.

Next-Day Turnaround

Your photos will be delivered the day after the photoshoot. Seriously!

Premium Service

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