Commercial Aerial Real Estate Photography

Aerial photography allows an incredible perspective of your property from up to 400 feet.
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Showcase Your Property From a New Perspective

Our drones allow us to capture stunning overhead and panoramic views from up to 400 ft.



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What Makes Our Photos Different

True-Color Editing
Premium Drones
Part 107 Certified Pilots
Insured & Ready to Fly
Visual Variety
The essence of our service resides in our True-Color Editing Process, where we seamlessly blend multiple exposures to create an immaculate image. This intricate technique ensures a perfect balance between light and shadow, efficiently capturing the honest ambiance of every commercial property. It’s an editing process that brings out the genuine characteristics of commercial spaces, letting the viewers visualize the authentic potential of your business location.
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The epitome of our mastery, particularly in aerial photography, is the confluence of our extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology. Boxwood Photos operates with sophisticated drone equipment, emphasizing our uncompromising commitment to top-tier quality ensured for each project.

Every aerial shot, angle, and frame stands as a testament to the immaculate quality of our equipment, allowing us to capture your commercial property with unparalleled accuracy and intricacy. This is not just an image; it's a bird' s-eye view into the future of your commercial endeavor, portrayed with a unique perspective that only aerial photography can provide.
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The drone operators at Boxwood Photos are more than just photographers—they are FAA Part 107 certified pilots. This prestigious certification guarantees that our team adheres to stringent safety norms and operational knowledge guidelines, translating into securely executed and compliant aerial photography for your commercial property.

The guarantee of operational safety upholds our work's integrity, assuring clients that every image is captured with expertise and in strict compliance with airspace regulations. This commitment ensures that the awe-inspiring aerial visuals of your property are produced responsibly, reflecting not just your commercial property's stature but its conformance to professional standards on all fronts.
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Boxwood Photos prioritizes creating breathtaking imagery and ensuring secure operations throughout our services. We hold comprehensive insurance coverage for all drone-related activities, underpinning our pledge to responsibility and client protection.

This comprehensive coverage is not about anticipating mishaps—they are rare—but about providing clients with absolute peace of mind when availing of our services. It's a critical element of our commitment to you, reinforcing that when you select Boxwood Photos for your commercial aerial photography needs, you choose a company that leaves no stone unturned to safeguard your interests.
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Visual diversity is the essence of our commercial aerial photography at Boxwood Photos. We capture the uniqueness of your commercial property from a bird's eye view, showcasing it from a myriad of angles and perspectives, ensuring that each image tells a unique story.

We aim to highlight your property's distinctive attributes and potential, unfolding a richness of imagery that magnifies its unique appeal from a higher perspective. Whether it's a sprawling industrial layout or a towering commercial skyscraper, our aerial imagery captures your commercial property's purpose, scale, and scope, presenting it as more than just a structure; It's an opportunity with a grand view.
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Find out why our clients love us and what makes us the top-rated photography company in Northern Colorado.

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