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Exquisite Senior Portraits for Northern Colorado Students

We help showcase high school and college seniors in their best light (literally).
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What Makes Our Portraits Different

On-Location or in Studio
High-End Gear
Personal Essence
Expertise in Every Frame
Visual Variety
At Boxwood Photos, we understand the importance of the perfect setting for your senior's portraits. That's why we offer both high-end studio sessions and on-location shoots in stunning spots around Northern Colorado, including the charming streets of Old Town Fort Collins. Our team works closely with each senior to discover where their personality truly shines.

Whether it's the controlled elegance of our studio or the natural beauty and urban sophistication of Northern Colorado's landscapes, we ensure the backdrop mirrors the unique spirit of every individual. Your session location is chosen for its visual appeal and to reflect your style and story, guaranteeing beautiful and meaningful portraits.
At Boxwood Photos, we are committed to delivering portraits of unmatched quality. That's why we equip our photographers with the industry's most advanced, high-end gear. By investing in top-tier camera technology and state-of-the-art lighting equipment, we ensure every photo is captured with exquisite detail, vibrant colors, and perfect clarity.

This dedication to using only the best gear enables us to produce stunning images that meet and exceed your expectations. With Boxwood Photos, you're choosing a team that believes in perfection, employing the finest tools to create portraits that are truly exceptional in every way.
At Boxwood Photos, we pride ourselves on capturing more than just a smile. Our expert photographers specialize in encapsulating each senior's unique personality in every shot. We ensure each portrait tells a personal story by understanding and highlighting their individual passions, dreams, and quirks. This approach goes beyond traditional photography, making every session and resulting photo unique.

This personalized touch is crucial, transforming senior portraits from mere photographs into cherished memories. It distinguishes Boxwood Photos, ensuring that each portrait is seen and felt, treasuring the essence of this significant life milestone.
Boxwood Photos's team of skilled photographers brings decades of combined experience to every shoot. With a diverse background spanning various photography styles and a wide range of subjects, our professionals are adept at creating a comfortable and creative environment for seniors. This extensive experience ensures technical perfection and enables us to connect with and capture the unique essence of each individual.

Our photographers bring out the best in everyone, utilizing their vast knowledge to adapt to any scenario and deliver stunning, high-quality portraits that stand the test of time. With Boxwood Photos, you're not just getting a photographer but a team of seasoned experts committed to making your senior's portraits extraordinary.
At Boxwood Photos, diversity in composition is critical to showcasing your unique personality. We craft each shoot with a creative touch, ensuring no two portraits look alike. From engaging angles to the strategic use of light, our approach creates a tapestry of expressions and moods across your photos.

This enhances the visual appeal of your portraits and captures the essence of who you are, offering a collection that is as varied and dynamic as your own story. With us, expect a gallery of moments turned into art, each reflecting a distinct chapter of your senior year.
03 / Our Pricing

Senior Portrait Pricing

Choose the package that works best for you and your senior.


1 Hour Session
1 Person
1-2 Outfits/Person
5 Edited Photos
1 Location
$199/Extra Person
$50/Extra Edited Photo
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1.5 Hour Session
1 Person
1-4 Outfits/Person
10 Edited Photos
1-2 Locations
$299/Extra Person
$50/Extra Edited Photo
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2 Hour Session
1 Person
Unlimited Outfits
15 Edited Photos
1-2 Locations
$399/Extra Person
$50/Extra Edited Photo
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*All projects located outside Fort Collins, CO, will incur an additional travel fee of $1/mile from our studio location. Final prices may vary based on shoot location, number of people, and additional photos purchased.
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