October 10, 2023

5 Reasons Why Aerial Photography is a Great Addition to Your Listings

While traditional photography is always necessary when listing a home, aerial photography has emerged as a game-changer in the industry, providing a fresh and captivating perspective that can elevate any listing. Aerial photos use drones to capture your home, as well as the surrounding areas all in one photo. In this blog post, we'll explore the types of homes that can benefit from aerial photography as an add-on service

Aerial Photography

1. Expansive Estates

Large, luxurious estates with sprawling grounds and stunning landscaping can be a challenge to capture fully using traditional photography alone. Aerial photography allows you to showcase the entire property in a single frame, highlighting its grandeur and giving potential buyers a bird's-eye view of the estate's impressive features. It is also our standard to include one aerial with the lot lines shown, which is great for these large properties where it isn't obvious where the property ends.

2. Waterfront Properties

Homes located on or near bodies of water, such as lakes or ponds are prime candidates for aerial photography. This technique beautifully captures the property's proximity to the water, emphasizing its unique selling points like private docks, beach access, or stunning waterfront views that make these properties so desirable.

3. Rural Retreats

Properties situated in rural or remote areas often boast breathtaking natural surroundings. Aerial photography can help potential buyers appreciate the property's isolation, its connection to nature, and the surrounding landscapes. Whether it's a cabin in the woods, a mountain retreat, or a charming farmhouse, aerial shots can emphasize the tranquility and privacy these properties offer.

4. Properties with Unique Features

Homes with exceptional features such as rooftop patios, intricate landscaping, large windows, or impressive architectural design can greatly benefit from aerial photography. This perspective allows potential buyers to appreciate these unique attributes in a way that traditional photography simply can't match and show off to the same extend as aerial photos.

5. Homes with Ample Land

Even properties in suburban neighborhoods with generous land space can benefit from aerial photography. It enables prospective buyers to gauge the size of the lot, the placement of outbuildings, and the overall layout of the property, providing a more comprehensive view of what the home has to offer.

Aerial Footage in Video Walkthroughs: A Winning Combination

But the benefits of aerial photography don't stop with still images. Incorporating aerial footage into video walkthroughs is a powerful way to engage potential buyers. Here's why it's such a valuable addition:

  1. Comprehensive Property Overview: Video walkthroughs already provide a more immersive experience than static photos. When you include aerial footage, viewers get a complete perspective of the property's layout and surroundings. It helps them better visualize the property's spatial relationships and flow.
  2. Highlighting Unique Features: Aerial shots can showcase special features of the property that might be missed in traditional video walkthroughs. Whether it's the intricate details of a rooftop garden or the vast expanse of land, aerial footage emphasizes what makes the property exceptional.
  3. Context and Location: Aerial views give viewers a better sense of the property's location within its neighborhood or environment. Buyers can see nearby amenities, parks, or other points of interest, making it easier for them to evaluate the property's surroundings.
  4. Spectacular Presentation: Let's face it – aerial shots are just visually stunning. They grab viewers' attention and make your listing stand out. A well-produced video walkthrough with aerial footage can leave a lasting impression and generate more interest in the property.

At Boxwood Photos, we understand the importance of incorporating aerial footage into video walkthroughs to provide a comprehensive and engaging experience for potential buyers. Our experienced drone operators ensure that every aerial shot seamlessly integrates with the video, creating a dynamic and informative presentation.

Aerial Photography: A Comprehensive Marketing Tool

In the competitive world of real estate, standing out is crucial, and aerial photography is a powerful tool for achieving that. Whether it's showcasing expansive estates, waterfront properties, rural retreats, homes with unique features, or properties with ample land, aerial photography can provide a fresh perspective that captivates potential buyers and sets your listings apart.

At Boxwood Photos, we offer high-quality aerial photography as an add-on service to our traditional photography. All of our photographers are FAA certified, and are experienced in capturing every angle and detail that creates visually stunning images that leave a lasting impression.