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Sell Your Home Faster With Our Premium Video Walkthroughs

Let your potential buyers see your home from all its best angles.
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What Makes Our Videos Different

Experienced Videographer
State-of-the-Art Equipment
Extended Film Schedule
Premium Editing
Premium Music Selection
At Boxwood Photos, our experienced videographers possess the technical proficiency and the creative vision to bring properties to life. With years of specialized experience in residential real estate videography, we understand how to capture each home's unique charm and selling points, ensuring every angle and detail is presented in its best light.
We invest in only top-of-the-line gear including high-resolution cameras and professional-grade lenses. This premium equipment allows us to produce crystal-clear images and smooth footage showcasing each property’s potential. Our commitment to using the best gear ensures superior quality that sets our video walkthroughs apart.
We allocate a generous three-hour shooting window for each property, ensuring there’s ample time to meticulously capture every significant aspect without a rush. This dedicated timeframe allows us to focus on quality, covering all features of the home and ensuring lighting and details are portrayed perfectly.
Our premium editing process involves meticulous detail, color correction, and seamless transitions to create a visually stunning and coherent video walkthrough. We take the time to edit each frame, ensuring the final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations and appeals effectively to potential buyers.
To enhance the emotional appeal of our video walkthroughs, we offer various music and genre options to complement the style and ambiance of each home. Whether you’re aiming for a classic elegance or a modern vibe, we have the perfect soundtrack to elevate the viewer’s experience and create a lasting impression.
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Why Boxwood Photos?

Find out why our clients love us and what makes us the top-rated photography company in Northern Colorado.

Best Quality

Our quality is unmatched in Northern Colorado. Seriously, ask our customers.

Best Pricing

We offer the most competitive pricing in the area.

Next-Day Availability

Have a last-minute opening for a shoot tomorrow? Not a problem.

No Travel Fees*

*If your property is between Cheyenne, WY, to Castle Rock, CO.

Next-Day Turnaround

Your photos will be delivered the day after the photoshoot. Seriously!

Premium Service

Last-minute changes? Special requests? We've got you covered.
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