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Sell Your Home Faster With Our Standard Video Walkthroughs

Show your home to potential buyers from a more authentic point of view.
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What Makes Our Videos Better

Experienced Videographer
Premium Equipment
Convenient Filming Schedule
Premium Editing
Premium Music Selection
At Boxwood Photos, our skilled videographers are armed with the technical expertise and artistic insight to illuminate the essence of each property. Our team, backed by extensive experience in standard residential real estate videography, holds the finesse to encapsulate every home's unique character and appeal. We believe in capturing more than just an image; we encapsulate the heart of a house, ensuring that its every nook, cranny, and distinctive attribute is showcased in its full glory.
We are committed to using only the most advanced, top-tier equipment. This superior gear enables us to render impeccably sharp images and fluid footage, accentuating each property's full potential. Our dedication to delivering the highest quality is evident in our technology choices, setting our standard video walkthroughs distinctively apart and capturing every property's essence in crystal clarity.
Typically done by a single expert shooter, our standard video walkthroughs revolve around a quick, unobtrusive filming process that meticulously captures every key attraction of your home. While these sessions are time-efficient, usually running under an hour, they in no way compromise on quality, delivering our signature standard of excellence.

Our videographer swiftly yet carefully covers every home feature, ensuring perfect lighting and detailed portrayal. This convenient filming schedule minimizes disruption to your day while securing high-quality output.
Our high-quality editing process for standard video walkthroughs includes a diligently detailed approach, color correction, and flawless transitions crafted to construct a visually impressive and cohesive video. We meticulously edit each frame, focusing on presenting the property in a genuine, inviting light.

Even though we work briskly, we assure you that the final product will exceed your expectations and strike a chord with potential buyers. The result is an insightful, straightforward visual representation of the property, genuinely speaking to viewers.
To enrich the visual appeal of our standard video walkthroughs, we offer a selection of music and genre options that seamlessly complement the character of each home. Whether the house exudes a timeless elegance or flaunts a contemporary edge, we have the fitting soundtrack to enhance the viewer's experience.

Our carefully curated music uplifts the walkthrough visually and resonates with viewers on a more personal level, ensuring that the impression of your home lingers long after they finish viewing.
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Why Boxwood Photos?

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Best Quality

Our quality is unmatched in Northern Colorado. Seriously, ask our customers.

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*If your property is between Cheyenne, WY, to Castle Rock, CO.

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Your photos will be delivered the day after the photoshoot. Seriously!

Premium Service

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