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Professional Headshots That Tell a Story

Showcasing everyone in their best light (literally).
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What Makes Our Headshots Different

On-Location or in Studio
High-End Gear
Personal Essence
Expertise in Every Frame
At Boxwood Photos, we specialize in capturing professional headshots that resonate with your unique professional identity. Offering both sophisticated studio sessions and picturesque on-location shoots in Northern Colorado, including Old Town Fort Collins, we tailor each session to reflect your individuality.

Whether in the refined studio setting or amidst the natural and urban backdrop of Northern Colorado, we ensure your headshot is not just a photo but a statement of your professional essence, guaranteeing impactful imagery that aligns with your career narrative.
At Boxwood Photos, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our use of the industry's finest photography equipment. With advanced cameras and state-of-the-art lighting, we capture every portrait with impeccable detail and vibrant colors. Choosing Boxwood Photos means opting for unmatched quality, where our dedication and top-tier tools converge to create exceptionally stunning images that exceed expectations.
We specialize in professional headshots that do more than capture your look; we capture your essence. With expertise in spotlighting your unique professional qualities, our photographers ensure each headshot tells your story. This personalized approach turns your headshot into a powerful asset, embodying your individuality and professionalism, making every shot reflect your personal brand.
Boxwood Photos boasts a team of expert photographers, each bringing years of versatile experience to ensure every shoot is perfect. Their broad skills across various styles create a comfortable environment, allowing them to beautifully capture each individual's essence. Their ability to adapt and deliver stunning, timeless portraits makes choosing Boxwood Photos a decision for unparalleled expertise and exceptional results in professional headshots.
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Headshot Pricing

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20 Minute Session
1 Person
1 Outfits/Person
2 Edited Photos
$75/Extra Person
$50/Extra Edited Photo
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50% Off
20-30 Minute Session
1 Person
1-2 Outfits/Person
2-5 Edited Photos
$35-$70/Extra Person
$50/Extra Edited Photo
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30 Minute Session
1 Person
2 Outfits/Person
5 Edited Photos
$75/Extra Person
$50/Extra Edited Photo
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*All projects located outside Fort Collins, CO, will incur an additional travel fee of $1/mile from our studio location. Final prices may vary based on shoot location, number of people, and additional photos purchased.
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